Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Catch up and I'm back.

Friends, it has been to long.

So much has happened in this sweet life of mine. 

The end of the semester was KILLER. Lot of work, lots of paperwork, lots of writing, balancing schedules, trying to keep myself from going insane.

But in December I was (by the grace of God) approved for Ordination in the ELCA pending a call. Praise the Lord! 5 years of school, a lot of discern and the support of so many got me through...now just to wait for graduation.

My baby is 6 (almost 7) months already...

And while I'm enjoying watching her grow, I'm also slowly mourning the slow loss of my last baby.
She is a joy in our house though, and I love seeing her sisters be little mamas to her.

We enjoyed a family vacation to Disney, and are anticipating a post graduation trip back to OBX over Luke and I's anniversary.

Always moving forward.

I am spending this whole week in an intensive course on MLK...my LAST class of seminary. My LAST CLASS.

can't believe it. 

With the "free time" that only having internship will give me this semester..my plan is to put more into this space. I started it as a way to document the years of my kids and our day to day, and I've been lacking in that-so I'm back. And I'll see you around too!


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