Thursday, October 3, 2013


I am lucky.

I've been thinking about this statement a lot lately.

and even though I don't feel this sentiment all moments of everyday, I know it to be true.

And I feel even more lucky every time I realize how lucky I truly am to have awesome parents and in-laws who live close enough and want to take my children away from me over night.

On average my littles get a sleepover night about every 6 weeks.

and While generally they are good sleepers, there is a difference-a certain exhale of relief when not only do we not have fight them to bed (a regular occurrence), but there is no half sleep all night waiting for Sophie's little blond head to come quietly in to our room to tell us that she wet the bed at 2:53 in the morning (like last night for example..)

I am lucky.
I'm lucky that having sleepovers with grandparents can even happen.

and while I'm starting to fill out papers for the Dec. 1 deadline that will determine our future geographic location, I'm starting to face the reality that we may still be close. 

but we also may be a plane ride away.

and Holy Cow is that scary.

But for now I'm letting them soak up this precious time with their grandparents.
enjoying watching them get spoiled with amazing experiences while sleeping in the special beds set up for them at each house.

and knowing that it is perfectly ok for me to also enjoy my morning coffee on those mornings without having sticky hands trying to continually climb on me and ask me for another bowl of cheerios.

Because sometimes a full nights sleep is really a nice way to spend my time.

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