Thursday, August 22, 2013

Lucia Kai: A Birth Story (Part 2)

So 6:40. Epi wearing off.

Where is that button I was allowed to push to get more drugs?

They hadn't given it to me yet, I asked the nurse for it and pushed and pushed and pushed.

With Sophie my epidural wore off completely right as I approached transition.

It wore off so much in fact that 5 minutes after she came out I was up and walking around.

I desperately did not want this one to be the same.

While the jeopardy button they give you I'm sure actually does distribute medicine, I'm also pretty sure that medicine is insignificant and the pressing of the button is simply a placebo affect.

But at that point I would take what I could get.

The doc came in. Set up shop. Told me it wouldn't take was the third one, I was a good pusher...

And I'll tell you, the next 24 minutes were (almost) a breeze. I felt nothing.
couldn't move my legs, the nurses just positioned them how they needed to be.

She came quick, easy.

We joked the whole time between contractions.

I could feel some, but in a good way.
In a way that I knew this was the last.
My last 20 minutes of ever having a human inside of me.
In a way that I was strong.
I was strong enough to get her into the world.
In a way that brought tears of joy to my eyes,
Knowing that in a mater of moments I would meet my third baby. My third magical girl.

She came quick. easy. contently.

she cried for a minute, then laid on my chest silently, blinking, looking around.
Taking in her surroundings.
Ready to fulfill her role as the final piece to our family.

We laid like that for a long while, over 30 minutes. 
The nurses and doctors buzzed around us, doing what they needed to do.
But Lucy, Luke and I huddled on the bed. Tears in our eyes, taking in that feeling that only happens the moment a child enters the world.

Those first couple of minutes are like non other.
Disbelief that she's here. Thankfulness. praise. adoration.

We tried our hardest to soak those fleeting moments up one last time.

And her sisters are completely smitten.
Coming to the hospital as early as possible the next morning.

We celebrated with our tradition of Birth Day cake.

this time made extra special because Ella and Sophie sang along to the birthday song while Lucy slept soundly in her hospital crib.

They got special bracelets from the nurse announcing them as big sisters.

They wore them for the first 3 weeks of Lucy's life.

This was 6 weeks ago, but still feels like yesterday.

I try desperately to remember every little detail, every moment of these first couple of days,
But with each day that passes a moment, a detail, passes away replaced by another feeling and moment that is happening now.

Her newborn squishy-ness is starting to pass, and while this is sad, knowing that my girl is growing and thriving makes it ok to just have the memories.

And the birth? that whole day she made her way into the world?

Nothing but beautiful.
Oh man, was it beautiful.

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