Thursday, May 2, 2013


It has been a while.

Probably too long.

Lots has happened in my life.

Like the fact that I'm 29 weeks pregnant.

I didn't mean to stay away from this space that long.
and to be honest I've written a million From Here to Maternity posts in my head.

they just never made it here.

But here I am posting and getting back into it.

I started this blog during my first pregnancy, wanting to capture and remember each small moment.

This is our third, likely last, kiddo.
And I have tried so hard to intentionally remember each small kick.
Each growing pain.
each feeling of restlessness waiting for this addition to our family.
each time the girls ask questions

or tell me how they will help take care of their "Baby Noodle"
"I want to help put her to sleep. and to feed her. and to give her a kiss."

be still me heart.

I also haven't picked up my camera in far to long.

just to capture the every day.

To grab those normal days.

It came out for the holidays, for the vacation...

But yesterday at the park it came out for a Wednesday adventure.

I get too caught up in work.

in school.

in the next thing I have to do.

But I am struggling.

and trying my hardest to be more intentional.

In all aspects of life.

And so I will be here more often.

capturing this moment in life. 
this one fleeting moment that I want to remember more than anything.

the growing of a new life.

My kids teach me a lot each day.

most of all that each moment can be absolutely amazing.
That play and love is really the most important thing we can do.

And also that there is always time to twirl and dance....


Life is ever changing
But I will always have a constant and comfort in your love
With your heart my soul is found
And as we dance I know that heaven can be found

Well you set my life a whirling
Darlin' when you're twirling on the floor
And who cares about tomorrow
What more is tomorrow than another day

And you swept me away
Yeah you swept me away 

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