Thursday, May 16, 2013

Coffee Date.

My semester ended on Monday night. Weights are slowly lifted off my shoulders, this week I've been able to take a breath and slow down.

What better time for a coffee date?

Why don't you come into my freshly cleaned house.

It hasn't seen this deep clean since before lent, so lets enjoy it.

I could make you one of the 5 kinds of kcups that we've been slowly collecting. Or some tea? I gots lotsa that too!

Whats going on with me?

Semester ending, and my vacation starts today.

My husband turns 30 today...crazy. Lots of celebration over the next couple of days, and I can't even wait!

I am currently 31 (or is it 32?) weeks. Squirmy but overall chilled out baby. I can't wait to meet her, but am also savoring these last few weeks of her on the inside. The last couple of weeks that I'll be able to feel the rolling and stretching of another human being inside me.

Labor anxiety is on the rise, but really just trying to enjoy the small moments. even at 3 in the morning when it takes 5 minutes of pumping myself up just to flip over in bed.

I could also tell you about my diabetes. How I'm on the verge of starting to take insulin, thereby making me officially "high risk" and having to inject myself each night.

I did this last time, its not really that big of a deal...but I've gotten this far. and pretty easily as my numbers have been easy to control...except for the last week or so.

I can tell I'm getting more pregnant.

I could show you my mile long to do list, and how I haven't really even thought about what our house will look like with a newborn. Where she will sleep, how much our regular schedule will change. What Sundays will look like for me or Luke.

All stuff to concentrate on now that school is over.

I could tell you about how L still doesn't have a job. The hearings when his unemployment was appealed, how wonderful it was when we got that letter in yesterday's mail that he had one. There is still another chance for an appeal, but for now we have to be "ok" with being cautiously excited.

I also could tell you about when he talks about going back to school. To hear him talk with passion about saving ecosystems and becoming a doctor to save animals and to save the whole ocean.
How excited when he got that email last night.

How our whole life right now is a "cautious excitement." How maybe, just maybe, it is falling into place.

How, I truly believe, and through prayer we've both had a strange calm about this whole situation.

For now, we have some celebration to do, and then heading to the beach for some last time away before this little one makes her appearance in less than 2 months.

And a vacation fells like exactly what my little family needs.

And how about you? How's life, my friend?

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