Thursday, May 30, 2013

5 years.

Five years ago I stood on the coast of Carolina and promised my best friend I would love him forever.

Five years ago and 2 3/4 kids later we're still here.

We had some grand plans for today.

They involved a beach, sparkling grape juice, a cheese and fruit picnic, kids playing as the sun set.

and then today came.

and storm clouds were looming...
One of the kids was over tired...
The other got into the Butt Paste during "nap time" and had to take 3 rounds of bath to get it off..

and there were tears, and anger, and love, and laughing.

and so we decided just to go out to a chain restaurant for dinner.

The four of us.

no sunset.
no romantic picnic.

but you know what?

Still perfect.

and there is always another year to celebrate .

In fact, there are 50 more times, 50 more anniversaries to celebrate.

but for this year we celebrated some of our last times as a family of four.


well fed.


and content.

We did remember these moments as they came 5 years later.

remembering the getting ready part..

the ceremony part..

And by now the dancing, eating, being merry, enjoying loved ones part.


in love.


Here's to a ton more years of it!

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