Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Enjoying "every minute"

photo by Nicola Herring Photography

I'm now 36 weeks pregnant with this little girl.

I've been told that I will not go past 39 weeks..which gives me a little less than 3 more weeks with this little one in my tummy.

and then I'm done...never again will I feel the kicks..the uncomfortable-ness..the movement..the anticipation that comes with the growing of new life.

And whew does that make me emotional.

But I also have a strange peace about it.

Our family is complete for now.

My body has taken a beating over the last 4 years and three pregnancies...and it truly deserves a break.

but now I only have 3 weeks left.

so even though I can't turn over in bed for hip pain because shes sitting so low.

even though I spend what feels like half my time hooked up to machines for NSTs and weekly fluid/growth scans.

even though her kicks are so strong they sometimes take my breath away...

It still is the last time.

and so I work very hard to not wish these weeks away.

I try my hardest to actually enjoy it..

The kicks, the smiles others give the two of us when we are out, the movement, the safety I can provide her, the anticipation of seeing her face, seeing her hands and feet I have become so familiar with in the darkened ultrasound room, seeing what color/how much hair she will have after suffering through the heartburn...

Enjoying it.

Savoring it.

and anticipating the next step, but being ok in the minute.            

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