Wednesday, August 15, 2012


I was walking through walmart trying to find the kiddie pools on clearance (we have a yard now!), when I saw it.

Well, to be perfectly honest I smelled it first.

School supplies.

That smell of fresh erasers, blank paper, plastic-y backpacks.

It was there.

At first I thought, "already?" and then I remembered. Oh yeah. It is the middle of august.

the summer went fast, dragged sometimes, and was all planning, vacations, and uphevel.

at camp we always commented that the days are long but the weeks are short.

That is how this summer (my first away from camp, actually.) Maybe all summers are like that.

My summer basically ended three weeks ago with the start of my internship, but now everyone else's is ending too.

While I always grieve the loss of another sunny season, I am quietly anticipating the change of seasons.

The cooler weather, the routine of school, the crispness of being outside, the sweaters, and the pumpkin everything to eat.

I love the change of seasons and the renewal that it brings.

So as I'm sad to say goodbye to summer, bring on the autumn and all that it will carry with it!

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