Monday, August 13, 2012

change is...ok

This is what I have been telling myself over and over for the past three weeks.
we came right off of vacation where there was froyo on the beach..

babies bathed in sunlight...

LOTs of time in the pool. Especially in lieu of nightly baths...

cuddle, snuggles, kisses...

Sand and water between toes...

And lots of long walks...

But then we came home and reality hit. hard.
A new chapter was starting.
Summer was ending.
Change was coming.

The move went as smooth as can be expected. We were blessed beyond belief with help, and laughs, pizza, sweat, and beer were happily (well, almost..) enjoyed.

And then more change came with the realization that the thirty minutes between our old home and new home was actually quite a far distance. Between family. between community of the last three years. Those thirty minutes meant separation from what we've  known for three solid years. And now instead of being in the midst of a bustling tourist filled small town, we are surrounded by soy bean fields, wild turkeys and dear. Lots of them.

Then I started a new job where the kids aren't with me all day just waiting for Mr. Skywalker to get home. They have to go with other people. I don't know what their nap schedule is like or what they eat for lunch.

And I am left to myself, trying to find my place in a new place where a huge hole was left by my predecessor. My older man predecessor. As much as I'm struggling, they are too. I'm younger than usual. I'm the first woman preacher ever to have preached in this congregation. no pressure (ok a little), and lots of anxiety (from both sides.)

LOTs of change.

But change is...ok.

I don't do well with change. My husband likes to say that I do really really well with change...when its on my own terms. 

Maybe he's right.

But this time I'm keeping it in perspective as much as possible.

Even if I tear up in the new kennie's because the pickles aren't in aisle 8 here. it is like Mt. Luther to my (gettysburg kennie's) Nawakwa. Mostly the same, but just a little different.

Those 30 minutes really change a lot.

and so, as the kiddos head to the new sitter tomorrow, another day of change, more understanding that change is...ok.

Soon we'll settle into our routine. Into our new normal.

until then I'll keep repeating what I know, taking everything as it comes and try to remember that this is the new normal. And while it is uncomfortable and not my favorite time, it is the next chapter in our journey and it is up to us to make the most of our adventure.

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