Thursday, August 23, 2012

Adventures in vicaring: experience

On Tuesday I visited a woman in an extended care facility who was 101 years old. I visited with her for about an hour, prayed with her, gave her communion, and get to know her and her daughter and son in law a bit better. I had no idea what to expect, but found her temperament and witty sense of humor hitting me close to home as she was almost identical to my great grandma.

She one thing she kept saying to me is that it was august ("yes, viola, it is in fact august"). "I hate august. I think I'll hop a flight to Arizona. I'd quite like to curl up under a cactus and just die".
She said this of course as a smile slowly slid across her face. Her daughter told me she says this every august. Instantly I was ready to be viola's new friend. And she kept asking me to be. She wanted us to be good friends, reminding me over and over that she was glad I was there. I was glad I was there too.

They all told me stories of her life. Her amazing time raising her beautiful children, working in a sewing factory, etc.

I reloads that, being 101 she was born in 1911. Wow! All the things that she was seen. All of the world problems that she has had the privilege to experience and see first hand. Things I can't even imagine.

Listening to the news, things are horrible everyday and always seem to get worse. Sometimes I feel like, what's next? What kind of world will my kids and (hopefully) grandbabies grow up in? Full of hate? Equal rights? Really hot with no ozone? A post nuclear attack landscape? The possibilities are endless.

But then you sit beside this amazing woman who went through countless wars, a depression much worse than the economy of today, equal rights fights for different groups, and look at her today.

Good health.
Fabulous family.
And is at peace with her life and all that she is accomplished.

I can only hope to be like her someday.
I hear arizona is gorgeous this time of year...

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