Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Lately we've been working on settling back in.

getting back into a routine after two weeks apart, away, and all of the sickness.
Most of us are healthy now, and so its time to settle in.
Hunker down for winter.

Along with settling back in come naptime fights, power struggles and crying.

It is not my favorite time.

But this little girl is not so little anymore.
I see her grow every single day.

and it amazes me.

She is so strong willed and independant.
and though I don't love the fights that come along with this personality, I love to see her bloom into what is certain to be a strong woman.

So we watch the snow fall. we drink mugs of hot cocoa, we color a LOT

and we settle into a routine of home. a routine of winter.


Also lately I'm lovin' on some smoothies.
We're in day two of detox. We'll see how much longer I can hold on...today and one more.


  1. Thought I would check your blog out in return...wow you seem busy! Kids, grad school and marathon?! Wowee! Keep drinking those smoothies for energy! Blog is great - love the photos.

  2. love your pictures! your little girl is just adorable :)