Wednesday, December 7, 2011

memory making.

Much of my memories from when I was young come from that special time between the end of November and the beginning of January.

The smells.
The Traditions.
The time with family.

It's all there in those magical moments filling the days of those six weeks.

I think my parents worked hard to create that.
They started traditions and kept them as we were growing up.

They even sat us down during those crazy and cranky teen years to read barington bunny every Christmas eve.

We kicked and we protested the whole way.

But they knew we wanted it.
They knew we needed it.
It was tradition.
It is what we remember.

and now here's the thing.
Now it's my turn.

The pressure is on, friends.

We now have to start the traditions.

We have to help form the memories.

I have to admit. It is not always fun.

But it is so worth it for the skipped naps.
The breakdown.
the cranky time.

Just so we can go to that pumpkin patch.

Go see those christmas lights.

make those moments that they will remember.

This is the time they can stay up a little later in order to decorate the tree.

and they can have an extra cookie for dessert.

because it is that time.

the bernstein mug was mine from when I was little.
It was my favorite.

I have often wondered why I have kept it through all of the moving form apartment to apartment.
Its just a mug afterall.

And then Monday morning happened.

her first taste of homemade hot chocolate.

in the mug.

thats what it is all about.

right there.

and advent has been a new daily tradition.

each night at dinner.
we read from the advent star.
open the little door.

and she gets her piece of "hot chocolate"
(I don't think she understands the differently temperatured types of chocolate yet. but don't worry, she'll learn..)

and so once again we reflect on the humongous amount of responsibility parenthood is.

But then after bathtime, and after a little lotion, I button my littlest into a sleeper that is fresh out of the dryer, smell the scent of tide, have memories flood back of the same thing in my childhood

and I know that we're doing ok. and will continue to perfect the art of memory making.

happy wednesday, dear friends.

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