Thursday, November 17, 2011

10 months.

My Sophia. My wise one.

You came on a Snowy January night, ten months ago today.

We welcomed you into our little family with open arms.

You are a light in our world. You are generous with your smiles.

You are such a little social butterfly.

It doesn't matter who is holding you or playing with you,
You are always happy to be around people.

You have been a great sleeper from the beginning.

(Although the last 2 weeks have been rough, can we go back to sleeping through the night? Please?)

Your sister adores you. She wants to be with you at all times.
When you nap, she constantly asks where you are.

Your grandparents love you so much and come visit often just to see you.

You've also grown into quite the photogenic little one.

You love the camera, and squeal when I pull it out of the case.

Thank you, little one, for the last 10 months.

We can't wait to see what the next 10 thousand months bring.

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  1. I love her so much!! Which I had more weekends free to visit this little one!