Saturday, January 8, 2011

our nest.

I think it was just the other day that it hit me.
We. are. going. to. have. a newborn.
Ok, breath.
It seems silly that this hasn't been my thought (or panic?) the last nine months, but I chose to concentrate on the panic of having two. This still being an issue, but starting to get everything ready is what sent me into a real tizzy. All of the clothes, all of the spit ups, all of the phases.

In most ways I can't wait for it to happen again..

I never did the "nesting" thing with EM. We were displaced, I was working at camp, trying to figure out moving, scared of starting my seminary education. Too much to think about, I didn't need to nest, I just needed to be SOMEWHERE. 
This time has been different. Classes ended, we're stuck inside with the cold and snow. EM and I cuddling under blankets and reading Alien Al for the millionth time. I've had some time to think, and some time to nest.
And I've gotten to this point. 
The point where she is sitting so low we think over and over all day, "Maybe it'll be today. Maybe we'll be holding her by tonight." We go through an hour or two of contractions and then they stop. We watch my sugar numbers plummit to regular numbers and know it just has to be soon.
I've gotten to the point where I don't want to even go out of the borough limits, I'm just fine right here, thank you. 
I have all I need. And now that daddy is home from work for the weekend and there is a fresh, clean layer of snow-why should the three and a half of us even leave our house?

our nest.

We still have somethings to do.
Like, you know, set up some sort of nursery.
Or pack at least an outfit for the hospital.

But being in our nest is the most important.

I've never been such a homebody.
I go through phases, but I'm more of a "roamer" always looking for the next place to go.

But this weekend I'm fine where I am. I'm home. I'm in my own nest, nursing contractions and playing the waiting game.

quilt for number 2 is now finished. I can't wait to wrap her in its purpleness!

The back will get packed. before we go.

and the nursery already has some wall details...

She has something to wear home (and today it will be washed and ready...hopefully..)

And we have the larger diaper bag that will hold two little girls' worth of stuff.

And grammie is coming tomorrow to ease the fears of things getting done and to play with EM while she is the only child.

As for me, I'm soaking it all up. Every minute of waiting (albeit sometimes impatiently), every last wiggle, and every last time EM wraps her little arms around my big belly.

and I'm doing fine just being in
 our nest.

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