Wednesday, January 5, 2011

new year, new hair.

So I did it. The "dreaded" first hair cut.

My first born is officially rat tail free.

I never felt the connection to her hair, of like a piece of her is gone because the awful, long chunk of hair that was really only cool circa 1981 is gone. but I can see how parents can get sentimental. That soft little tuft-its an original, man. There will never be another "first hair cut" and those originals will now be replaced with seconds and thirds.

That soft wispy baby hair is turning into big girl hair.

But man, was it freeing to take those scissors (unceremoniously before church on Sunday because I just couldn't stand it anymore.) and get that almost mullet to be just a little more stylish in baby fashion world.

Most couldn't even see it, but it drove me crazy, and our house is now free of the rat tail.

And so ends the saga of cut or don't cut.

I didn't keep the lock, although let's be honest, I felt the strong need to capture it on film...

we call this Monkey Full of Spaghetti. Photo by daddy.

And with that we pass into another stage of her childhood. This time with a little less hair.

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