Saturday, January 1, 2011

for auld lang syne.

The first day of 2011.
We've spent a lot of time lately reminiscing on the newly ended year.
I spent the morning at a BYObaby breakfast with the girls and the kids, and wow, to think about how that got me through. It was those wednesdays or fridays that got me through some of the hard times. It was being able to talk to people who understand that helped me get through each week. They were such a big part of my year, I couldn't have gotten through without them.
And so it seemed fitting to spend half of the last day of the year doing it again.

And then its back home, where remnants of the holidays still remain...

Christmas presents have yet to be put away.

Its like we're still holding on, hoping they continue. Because, lets face it, for this family January seems like a scary month that will also be filled with love, joy, and peacefulness. But holy cow, how scary it still is...

Trying to hold onto the last year is useless. Every time I look down at my ever expanding belly, and overly swollen feet I am reminded, time marches on.

And so we move from presents and lights on the tree to waiting as patiently as we can for warm baby cuddles and getting to know the new little.

What a way to start the year.

And for the first day of our year we spent it in jammies. Together. Sleeping in a little bit (heaven!), and enjoying a brunch together. The three and a half of us.

So "scrambled omelets" it is.

yummy, and GD friendly!!

Warm toes, warm coffee...

And talking about resolutions for the new year upon us.

Eagerly anticipating what amazing things it can bring...

Happy New Year, Friends.

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