Tuesday, December 28, 2010

the best time of the year..

Christmas seemed extra special this year.
Lots of "firsts" and so much celebrating.

EM was overwhelmed with most (wouldn't you be?), but handled it as best as a 16 month old trying to get over strep throat can.

(and the cookies helped...)

L and I stayed up extra late on Christmas eve building her first big Christmas present, a "retro" pink play kitchen.

There was eggnog (for him), hot tea (for me), lots of tools, some cursing and lots of excitement for how she would like it.
I was bubbling over.
I've been waiting to give this to her for a couple of months now, and it was finally here.
We hadn't built it earlier for lack of storage space, but also because we knew that we were just as excited to see it as we were anticipating her to be.

And then Christmas morning came.
And she slept in for maybe the first time in her life, just because we were up super early anticipating the day.

and then the moment came.
(I was so excited that all of the pictures were blurry)

but here it is...that face.
Ok, so it turned more into a "what in the world is that?" than the anticipated "yayyyyyyy!"
But Pooh was there to protect her from this big pink THING, and hey, this could be fun.

She walked near the kitchen, taking a closer look, testing the waters.
Then she kept going. We thought maybe she wouldn't like it. 
But she walked right over to the lamp table, carefully placed pooh on it, and approached the kitchen.

and then it happened...She was hooked.
She spent much of the morning filling the play fridge with her toys.
I guess they needed to stay fresh..

and then our little helper took her mama's stocking, and started filling that with her toys.

why thank you, little girl.

The day was spent with family.
As Christmas should be.
Not too much hoopla this year, just family.

And it was the best time of the year..

And now, we move on from the presents and the lights into the winter. Where cuddling and warm houses amidst flurrying snow flakes abound.

We move on to number 2 and the growth of our family.

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