Wednesday, December 22, 2010

This year.

This year has been different than others. Chasing a toddler definitely adds a new view point. Carrying around another little girl waiting to meet the world adds a new view. And just all that has happened in life in the past year always puts a new spin on things.

I have been done Christmas shopping (save for the 2 gift cards I need to run out tomorrow and purchase) since the end of October.

What can I say, we planned ahead. Knowing that this December would be different form most with the impending birth of no. 2, and not wanting to lug EM everywhere, Amazon was my bff.

And I could go on forever about how much I love Amazon.

We also decided that simply enjoying the season sans the outlets or walmarts and the frustration that comes with that.

(and just so you know, all of our gifts have yet to be actually wrapped...)
But I'd say that we've been very proactive in enjoying the Advent season.
and seeing it through the eyes of a 16 month old has been a really amazing experience.

She can't get enough of the tree. Always going over to it and gingerly touching the ornaments that she knows are hers. Pointing to each individual light and having a conversation about it in which only she knows the language.

She loves the Christmas books that have appeared on her bookshelf, and the small tree in her room is her nightlight as she goes into toddler dreamland.

This is totally her holiday.
And I get almost as excited as she does when I think about giving her the big gift this year. Knowing that she'll love it and the joy that it will bring to her.

truly magical.

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