Tuesday, October 19, 2010

there is a season...

I. love. autumn. I have never felt this strongly about a season. Especially the one that means going back to school. And getting dark early. And getting cold.

Well, folks, not this year. I LOVE it!  I love the cider and the apples. I love the oranges, reds, and yellows that adorn the trees outside and the decorations in my house. I love the sweaters we get to wear and the crisp air in the morning when I'm up early brewing coffee for the community. I love it all.

We're trying our hardest to soak up all fall-like activities. The crunchy leaves on our daily walk and the festivals and activities that are offered when the weather dips below sweat inducing.

how did I not love this season before?

I have to wonder if part of it is getting to experience it with a kid. Everything is new to her. She was around last year, but it took until the end of November before the very new parent haze started to lift and I even knew what day of the week it was let alone the season.

So this year we soak up every new experience she has and it is like we're experiencing it for the first time again.

Beautiful. autumn.

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