Monday, October 11, 2010

every morning.

Every morning around 7:28 I go in with L to go "wake up" the monkey (even though shes been up and talking quietly to herself since 6:45). I see her smile, I give her a kiss and then it is that time. I head out the door to brew some warm coffee while her Dad gets her ready, feeds her, and ships her off to daycare.

Some days are longer than others, but I spend much of each one waiting to see her and wishing I was not where I am but at home in my yoga pants with her.

I have started to very much look forward to the next semester. EM and number two and me. Home. all day. cuddling, playing, eating, discovering. I know that it is exhausting. I know that this feeling will probably last for a whole one week, but that one week will be bliss. I can feel it in my bones.

So each day this semester, as I soak up as much Theological knowledge that I can possibly handle, and stay up late reading, and worrying about when the next paper is know, I find comfort in daydreaming about next semester. When on Fridays I join the big world, but for the other days I'm just mom. I'm just taking in all that infancy and toddlerhood have to offer and looking at the world a little differently.

next semester will be great.

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