Monday, October 25, 2010

PJ Mondays

I think we can all agree that Monday morning comes too soon. 

After a family packed weekend of long battlefield walks, lazy afternoon naps with football playing in the background and long warm baths ending with soft J&J smelling baby hair and pruny toes...

Monday morning comes too soon. Threatening to tear our family apart in regards to time for 5 more days until the next weekend grants us its presence.

And so we use Monday morning to spread the love just a little longer. We stay in our Pjs.

We read lots of books.

We play with our new favorite fall balloon.

And giggle our heads off when it is let go an floats to the ceiling above.

We read "Brown Bear" 4 thousand times, loving up the green frog and the goldfish the most.

She learns a love of books, and learns which shelves are hers and which contain mama's theology books (although she'll usually listen through a page or two of those too.)

With no. 1, I did not experience the "pregnancy brain" as it is called. This time however, whole other story.

I found 3 of the dishes I was putting away when unloading the dishwasher in the fridge.

I have completely forgotten about no less than two assignments (this seems to be the most dangerous)

And when faced with another bout of the MRSA, taking the meds was a nightmare.

After forgetting completely for almost two days in a row, I decided a reminder system needed to be put into place. 

Each time is written on a stickie. Then when taken, the stickie is moved.

Worked pretty well, and I think I finished an antibiotic for maybe the second time in my life (horrible I know.)

Fall is in full swing. 
The colors are getting me this year.

We love when grammie V comes for so many reasons, but this past time the gift of fall was the best part. 

Happy Monday!

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