Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Feast, Famine and breathing.

Something I've learned in my almost 1.5 years in seminary is that feast or famine prevails.

Either there is nothing do, or 6 ten page papers due by 10 am tomorrow (drop box AND hard copy).

Fortunately (or possibly unfortunately...) reading days usually hits smack dab in the famine.

And so we rejoice, we relax, and we breathe.

and this past vaca, the girl got together for some fabulous time...and painted pottery.

We drove, we picked out our piece, our colors and sat for 2 hours catching up while creating

in the midst of feast, I often feel as if I lose my creative spark, or just my motivation, or simply my TIME to create. But for me and my person it is a vital part of my being.

So this day made my heart smile :) Thanks, girls. 

And so many beautiful colors surrounding us, 90s pop blasting from the speakers overhead and some general commiserating on how horrible the feast times feel.

And so my mug was done. My pregnancy mug. inspired and grateful that I could commemorate this amazing time in my life that I feel gets left to the wayside as reading piles up and the empty word document sits in front of me ready for some analyzing of theology. This is my reminder as I spend my mornings dreaming of no. 2 and trying to imagine how different my life will be come January. Amazing, my friends.
(p.s. that is indeed my first try at yummy homemade biscotti. Delish..but shh, don't tell Glenda.) 

And summer has officially ended with the receiving of our last CSA share.

I can't say I'm too disappointed. It was a pain to pick up each week due to the time needed, and we didn't get enough to make it worth it. I'm glad we could support a local farm, but will probably go somewhere else next CSA season.

And with a slight blip of non-class days I can sit, drink my own coffee (you know, the excellent made at home kind with a few grounds at the bottom that at first your grossed out by but then realize that it just means YOU brewed it. And it is Delicious..), eat a small piece of the biscotti (shh..don't tell Glenda)  and take a breath.

And when its all gone, I'm left with this sweet reminder of the little girl resting up before her grand entrance into the world. 

(p.s. We picked the perfect name. Only 1 week after I made the mug so it really will be a secret until she arrives. And I can't wait...)

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  1. I LOVE the pregnancy mug!! How did you think of that? So cool!