Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday Afternoon.

It is 4:17 on Friday afternoon.

The little and I have been in our PJs for 2 hours now.

That is our friday afternoon.

Both of us had naps.

we discussed names for her new baby sister.

we spent time in the kitchen together making the first pumpkin cookies of the season.

EM is now eating applesauce. Thats right, you heard it APPLE sauce. It seems that her apple allergy has mostly gone away, and she can thankfully enjoy the fruits (hehe) of adams county fall.

She walks around with her bottle of oregano...

(it provides a good shaking sound from her spice cabinet. Not as good as the cinnamon sticks, but those have bee lost for days. Oregano will have to do..)

Friday afternoons in fall.

soaking it all in.

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