Monday, March 1, 2010

No One Told me....

No one told me as I entered the yoga room late this morning, sweating because I had to rush to get there after "sleeping in" with Ella after a long night of being up with a teething baby.

No one told me as I walked in feeling a little guilty for being so happy about dropping the 6 month only monkey off in  TLC and having my own time if just for 1 hour of stretching, balancing and deep breathing.

No one told me as I laid my 25 year old, new mom, pudgy stretchmarked body on the mat.

No one told me, but I laughed along anyway when the instructor told us we were doing chest expansions and a little old woman in the back called out, "I wish this really would expand my chest"

No one told me as I left, and went to pick up my little bundle of joy who threw up all over Miss Jen during my hour of freedom.

No one told me the whole time. I found out myself after looking at the descriptions on the back of the March class calender and making more TLC reservations for the week that my yoga class...

was for seniors 55 and older.


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