Thursday, February 25, 2010

Monkey Attack

EM has started to "swim." Not quite crawling, but still moving herself ALL around. She also does not like to be held at the moment. So we spend much of our day with myself sitting on the floor watching tv/crocheting/reading textbooks while she explores her world. (this excitement for new things also means not much nighttime sleep is going on as she just wants to be out and playing)

The past three morning I have found myself watching the Today show, sitting in front of the coffee table to block any non-baby proof corners, enjoying a bowl of cheerios, skim milk and a banana. Wiggles is moving all around, eating her spatula (her favorite toy of the moment) and grunting away as she swims. Then it happens. Every morning just like the last.

I pick my spoon up to take another bite.

Our eyes lock.

She grunts.

I now know that I have precisely 34 seconds for her to get from her position in front of the tv stand to where I am. I have those 34 minutes to quickly finish my bowl of bananas, cheerios, and milk before there is a monkey attack.

down goes the last drop of milk just as she reaches for me, and my aqua bowl and shiny spoon that she loves so much.

nothing is safe from a monkey attack.

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