Thursday, March 11, 2010

In Pictures...

What we've been working on Lately...

Eyes lock...

Sheer determination written all over that face...


We're working on being greener in all aspects of our daily life, including my new endeavor to have a completely paperless kitchen

EM is thinking about completely forgoing the true tummy off the ground crawling...

And just headed right to the standing.

So close..

Then the pesky head gets a little heavy...


"Don't worry. I'm ok."

"No really. I am!"

"And I can stand if you put me near the coffee table.."

LOVE reading days with Mama.

{And thank you to all of your kind words and messages! I had no idea so many of you read this-but it is so great to reconnect to SO many old friends through this little documentation of my present life! Keep 'em coming!!}

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  1. Oh my!! Look at what she's accomplished in a week!!!!