Monday, March 8, 2010

Celebrating Baby Acheson

This weekend was a weekend of family. All 8.5 of us nestled into my 3 bedroom seminary apartment to celebrate being together one more time before Allison becomes a mama. The shower was on a gorgeous 50 degree March afternoon at the Colonial Country Club. Friends and family had a wonderfully girly afternoon celebrating Allison and her impending parenthood. Here what I saw from behind my canon.

Take me home country roads..

We got there early to decorate-but the room had such character (and pink napkins!) that the tacky decorations we got would have surely ruined the mood.

The cake with the story of the decorator who doesn't speak English. (Congratulation is Girl)

Delish Food

Reuniting old friends.

Even great great grandma Kay got to come enjoy the party.

Positively glowing.

Embarrassing games are always a must.

GGG Kay won. 

Lots of adorable presents as usual at a baby shower. But this gem is from aforementioned GGG Kay. What Allison really wanted was Footsie-but GGG couldn't part with it...

Then the Monkey and the Boys crashed the party.

This is pretty much how I always picture them.

But this is probably more of how they want to be remembered.

I can't take how beautiful this moment was.

5 generations (times 2!)

Probably the best picture we've taken in years. 

Can't wait to see everyone together again...countdown to thanksgiving twenty ten!


  1. You look so beautiful in that last picture, Kel! And I love how EM is all like, "Take a look at this awesome spoon."

  2. Fabulous documentation of your weekend! I hope you have an overhead shot of the should send it into cakewrecks!

  3. Thanks Mer and Julie!

    I do have an overheard of the cake! But they "fixed" it. Still may be bad enough. :)