Thursday, February 11, 2010

I want to wash my face, my hands my fair in snow...

It has been quiet around these parts. Lots of cold, lots of wind, lots of fluffy white snow. Although now it's is shoveling time (again..) and dirty mush on the roads, it has been such a quiet time with our family.
I've been trying to fill our house (and tummys) with the warm rich smell of homemade bread. Working my way through the bread section of one of my favorite cookbooks at the moment.
Also have been cooking some rich, hearty soups to eat during this cold snowy period of winter, and also to freeze for later..

Monkey has "enjoyed" the snow as much as a 5 (almost 6!) month old can. Lots of drool (which freezes..eww) and quite a few smiles, especially at the puppy.

Who does NOT love the snow.

The snow has given me an opportunity to work more with the camera and different settings. I'm working more with the manual and A settings which I'm quickly getting the hang of and loving how the shots are turning out. like this one...

More to come!

This weekend's retreat was cancelled so I now have a free weekend to catch up even more on school work (as long as the last of my books gets here-c'mon UPS!

I also started counting last night (as this weekend is the first of the showers..and I can go now!) that I have five, count them FIVE baby showers/presents in the next FOUR months. Holy cow. Crochet hook better get hooking!

And so with class being "virtual" this afternoon, I will enjoy some baby booty hooking throughout our meeting. multitasking...

Enjoy your snow East coast. And hopefully you had a little time to relax and catch up as well.

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