Saturday, February 13, 2010

First weekend Away.

24 hours in and I miss more than anything. EM is away with Grammie and Grampie this weekend at the beach. Skywalker and I are here, trying desperately to enjoy our valentines weekend. I have had one weekend away from her-this feels like an eternity. I keep waiting to here her little squeal of excitement, her grunting as she "crawls" across the floor, even her wail as she gets hungry. I am enjoying the quiet, but still on edge. L and I keep wandering into the nursery, like she is asleep and we need to check on her. Grammie is giving us texting updates every couple of hours, and that makes it better.

But as for us, we're enjoying the time to reconnect and catch up. Tonight we are going to the movies. My first movie in over 8 and a half months. I am beyond excited to sit back in the darkened theater and relax with no worries about our dear sweet baby girl.

so many mixed emotions this weekend.

But we are so very lucky.

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