Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Confession #2: Sometimes I use singing to EM as living out my own personal dreams of being a famous singer.

Ok, so I never really had that dream knowing that I don't have the voice for it. But last night as Skywalker was working until late I was putting the monkey down all by my lonesome. Because I can't juggle the book and the bottle, I sing. All of the books you read while expecting all mention singing. Do it while they're in the womb, sing to her when she first comes out because she "recognizes your voice" and it's soothing. And singing to her "makes her smarter" (not sure how much I believe that, but why risk it?). So I used nights like last night (and Monday, and tonight. Wow, lots of late nights for the hubbster) as my chance to make her smarter and live out the dream I think every little girl has. So I sang to my hearts content and realized 25 minutes in that that little girl was asleep so much that she didn't make a peep as I stuffed her in her sleepsack. Maybe I should have been a famous singer after all....

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