Thursday, February 18, 2010

Very Merry Half-Birthday.

My dearest EllaGirl,

Today you are six months old. Today you are half of a year old. Time has flown, this has come so fast yet it has only been six months. Six months of getting to know you. Of watching you grow and seeing your personality emerge a little at a time. Six months of getting used to one thing only to wake up the next morning and you throw a new surprise at us.

I can't believe how much we have gone through in only 184 days. Nine months we spent connected. I could keep you safe, and warm. I knew that no matter what you were safe. Then we went through 13 hours and 55 minutes of stress, of pain together and we were disconnected. But you were here. I could hold you, your daddy could now hold you, he could feel the immense all emcomapacing love that I had felt for nine whole months.

We were a family. finally.

It has been such an experience. We felt everything for the first time just like you.

First baths. First feedings. First time sleeping through the night (you're so good at that!)

It's hard to imagine how much you have changed in just six short months.

You have changed and enriched our lives in such unimaginable ways. I remember how blessed we are each day that you are here. That you are healthy. And that you have so many people who shower you with love.

People who can't get enough of you.

People who turn to mush just looking at you.

People who call you Baby MushMush and can't enough of looking at and kissing you.

People who instantly accept you into a club that is hard to become a member of :)

People who wait four months and travel 23 hours through a snow storm just to meet you.

People who say that it physically hurts them that they can't see you more often. People who record themselves reading books to you just to be a little closer to their little Stinker Elle.

So many people love you, sweet girl. So many people have loved to watch you grow. You are a lucky one.

So here's to you, my babygirl. We're eating brownies today, just like we have every 18th of the past six months.

We love you so much. And cannot wait for what the next six months will hold.


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