Friday, February 5, 2010


Confession #1: I am Messy!

I wish everyday that I was one of those mamas who has it all together. Who's house isn't cluttered with what feels like just STUFF everywhere. Granted, we live in a small space, but non the less it feels like there is always just stuff. I try my darndest to keep things organized. To know exactly where the bills are, where car keys are, that baby bottles and binkies stay off of the floor and out from under the couch. But it usually doesn't happen. I've started being more organized with the grocery shopping in pursuit of my New Years Resolution for budgeting, but even that is not always how it should be.

Dishes are something that I struggle with on a daily basis. It is the first time in my life not to have dishwasher. Though I don't mind doing them and sometimes find it calming, I just feel as if I can never stay on to of them.

We've tried to simplify as we moved into a smaller space, and now have more stuff with EM, but it just seems to always pile up, and never be where things need to be.

Maybe one day I'll get the hang of it. But for now I will stare at the sink full of dirty dishes and the kitchen table cover with papers for one thing or another and walk over to my giggling baby and play.

And for now, we're hunkering down for what people seem to think will be the biggest snow storm this side of 1996.

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  1. Don't even try to be uncluttered until your kids are out of the house (and even then it may not work). You have more important things to do! Just enjoy the time you have with the little ones! It goes by soooo fast!