Wednesday, February 3, 2010

"Crying it out"

First, an update. After my last post I received so many words of encouragement and love. THANK YOU! We went to enroll EM last monday. I have to tell you, I LOVED the facilities. And the people were great-I was all ready for it-sort of. Then, miracle of miracles I found someone for everytime I have class! It saves us a couple of bucks, and lets EM get to know new people without having to leave the house. I have to say, I definitely came around to the idea of Childcare, but the money was the more important aspect. It saves us just a little now, but come the end of March when she would have had to go "full-time" to hold our spot, it's going to save us almost $100 per week. God provides!

Now I have to tell you. I have never been a huge fan of the "cry it out" method. It seemed cruel and seeing those tears in my little one's face just breaks my heart. That is, until this week. She has been fussy as fussy can be, and I cannot keep her happy no matter what. I don't know what it is, if it is teeth (I can feel em! They're coming eventually!), or just her age but there is nothing else to do. If I leave her sight she SCREAMS her lungs out. And when she sees me again, she smiles, and then waits a moment or two and the screaming commences. I've read this is when crying it out helps.

I like to think I have a lot of patience for her, more than I ever thought I would, but today they ran out. I just couldn't take the screaming just to scream anymore. So into her crib (the yawning, and rubbing her eyes also made me wonder) she went and I decided it was time to test the method. For 15 longs minutes I listened to her cry. Going in every 3.45 minutes to make sure she wasn't dying. But she was fine. Just laying on her back, screaming. Not even real tears or red face! I made sure she didn't see me. After those 15 minutes, it just stopped. I got worried and poked my head in. There she was, on her tummy, fast asleep.

Maybe it does work after all.

Has anyone else had any experience with this?

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