Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I detest dreft.

Dreft. It is the baby detergent that apparently has replaced ivory snow. Ivory Snow was what I think most moms of my generation used (and probably long before that). It smelled deliciously like "baby." After receiving my first layette after finding out that the little peanut was a girl, I rushed out to buy my first container of Ivory Snow and throw it in the washing machine so I could start to smell that beautiful smell! But alas, there was no space on the shelves at babies'r'us, target, kennies, Giant, Sam's. No where. Do they not make it anymore? Don't know. But not easily accessible apparently.

So I went to dreft. it was the only option. So I've used it for a couple of months now-and guess what? It's HORRIBLE! Clothes don't get clean, and it doesn't even smell good! EM's clothes are stained with puke and formula no matter how much I was them, and they have this gross half "mountain breeze" and fabreeze smell to them which I find nauseating now. After EM started getting rashes on her chin and chest, we were afraid it was from our detergent as her skin is a little crazy, and i started washing everything is Dreft. I feel like my clothes weren't clean for a month! After realizing it was just from too much drool, I went back to my trusty tide-loving the smell and the clean feeling.

I have decided that just because Dreft is "color free with no harsh fragrances" its not worth the almost double price tag of my tide concentrate (which, may I add is also better for the environment!). No as soon as she is old enough, we will be making our own detergent that is eco friendly, but since I don't know what that would do to the baby skin, we're switching to tide free concentrate with no dyes or fragrances. That'll do the trick, and I won't have that dumb dreft smell in my nose constantly. Another thing I learned, and another reason they should have a mama school.

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