Monday, March 9, 2009

Country Roads..

L and I took the long 6 hour trek on Thursday up to PA. What is not normally a huge deal is getting to feel like a whole day affair. Between stopping for the dog to go the bathroom and stopping for the pregnant girl to go the bathroom-it seems to go on forever! But we finally made it, and in plenty of time for me to get a delicious hot fudge/cookie dough blizzard before walking the dogs and joining others for wings and yuengs (or chicken fingers and sierra mist...) at the pike. Friday consisting of a big morning for L and a celebratory lunch at Fridays before nap time and Dog house night. Disc golf early Saturday and letting Annabelle run around her chosen residence for the the summer. We had to come home Saturday for a church promo in Chapel hill Sunday.
Whirl wind weekend-but so worth it. 
Now I'm starting the long process of packing up our lives (unfortunately becoming a yearly tradition) for another move. This time I'm starting early and because of not knowing the space we will have, purging most things we own still left over from the college years. Our lives will be in less of a limbo (or could be more so I guess..) when L finds out for definite. Time will tell.

doctor's appointment in about 2 hours-just blood work. Then 2 weeks until the big u/s.
Chicken aversion subsided and then came back with avengence. Have been craving a lot of baked goods-mostly pie, but every one gives me terrible heartburn. Actually, most things give me heartburn at the moment. yay.
have been hydrating as much as humanly possible.
week 16 starts tomorrow...

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