Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Doctor Update.

After waiting for exactly one hour and 32 minutes in the doctor's office to listen to the heartbeat and get blood drawn, it was finally time to here that little thumpthumpthump once again.

Doctor showed me where the top of the uterus now is (about 1 inch under my belly button) and then put the goop on my belly and put the doppler on. We heard it right away, then it stopped. The doctor laughed a little and moved the wand to another location. The thump came back then a gurgle sound, doctor laugh, and moving the wand. It took almost 3 minutes of this before she could listen long enough to count and make sure everything was ok. She then informed me that we was giggling because the gurgle sound that accompanied the loss of thumping was the baby moving to another location to get away from the wand. It was playing. And was stubborn.

obviously it is taking after its dad already.

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