Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I'm officially in week 14 (I can still see my toes!), and it is true what they say-2nd semester is bliss! I have most of my energy back and can stay up past 8:30 again! I'm not as sick, as well as not as ravenous. Cravings come and go but its a lot nicer than 1 trimester.

Monday I went to the doctor, mostly just for a physical (this doctor likes to make me come often and spread things out!), but she surprised me when she brought the doppler in and we listened to the heartbeat. She warned me it might take her a second to find it so don't get scared, but the second she put it to my belly a 
beautiful little thumpthumpthump thumpthumpthump ca
me through loud and clear. good in the 
160s so we're doing well. I was only sad that Luke wasn't there to experience it with me!

I also go to schedule more blood work (2 weeks) and then the next ultrasound! On March 23, when I am somewhere around week 18, we will (as long as it cooperates) get to see the peanut again and learn the sex! I can hardly wait. I've been having a lot of pregnancy dreams, and in it the bambino is always a girl. However, waking, I have the feeling its a boy. So we'll see. Luke thinks its a girl. its a 50/50, so I can't wait for the 23 so we can just know and buy cute things and have a name finally!

and just for fun-here is Oscar at week 14...


  1. Hahaha Oscar... ;-)

    This is all super exciting. I expect a call on the 23rd....

  2. cat looks pretty good for being 14 weeks pregnant.

    ...YOU TOO!

    thanks for keeping this to keep us updated.