Sunday, February 22, 2009


so my belly is growing, it is starting to change everyday-maybe not to the world, but I can tell the difference. I can feel where it is, and cannot wait to feel the kid move.

something that I have learned that bothers me is "competitive" pregnancy. I have heard horror stories of competitive mothers-My son started talked at two months, My daughter was reading by 6 months..etc. But I have recently found that it starts much earlier than when the slimy one pops into the world. Maybe you had horrible morning sickness and were in the hospital loosing 45 pounds in a week, I wasn't and count myself very blessed to not having to go through that. So you didn't notice any body changes until you were 27 weeks pregnant, guess what, I have a belly bump and even though I get frustrated with this new growth every time I have to band down to pick something up or get off the couch I love feeling pregnant and enjoying these last nine months before its not about me anymore for the rest of my life (at least the next 20 years or so...). So there. EVERY pregnancy is different. That is the biggest learning experience I've had. I was very much about reading everything I could at first, and then I got tired of comparing myself to a book, magazine, message board post, or webmd article. Its a good reference I'll admit to make sure things are going "on track" between Doctor's appointments-but its ok if I don't have heart burn every night (because I've figured out the foods that trigger it in ME and avoid them) like the other pregnant girl I meet who has to tell me everything that's wrong with her body at the moment.

That's my rant for today. Doctor's appointment tomorrow morning, more blood work and hopefully another "everything is fine."

week 14-here I come!

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