Monday, January 11, 2016

Being Sick with kids, and having sick kids

Being sick in general is not fun. 
Having kids apparently just means that the not fun is multiplied when sickness comes.

Because our kiddos are close in age, thats the only experience I have, I know that when that first sniffle and sleeve wipe comes it means it is the beginning of the end of the health of us all. 

It could go two ways. 
Scenario one: 2 weeks of absolute hell as we all have it at the exact same time, sometimes twice, and we burrow into blanket forts and watch Lion Guard one million times until we can finally air out and escape the germs.

Or Scenario two: We spend 5 weeks where one of us is sick each week, until we finally make it through and then a new round of say, the stomach bug, over takes us and we go through the cycle again.

When we were in PA, the last two or so years we lived in an old not well kept farm house. It was chock FULL of black mold and we pretty much spent all of our time from October through April wiping noses, cleaning up barf, doing laundry like crazy. 

It. Was. Awful.

I was on a first name basis with the urgent care nurses, we did chest X-rays multiple times, at one time the middle had like three different pneumonia's all at the same time!

And then a year ago (how have we lived in this house for over a year now??) we moved into a newly built house. 

And have gone through the sick chain maybe 3 times. In over a YEAR! It has been a glorious and unexpected change!

But right now we're weathering the storm of just a bad head cold (which may be worse because we all have to still function in the outside world). I think everyone I know has this right now. Lu had a well-baby visit today and she's been sniffling like the rest of us but turns out girlfriend was sporting an ear infection like a champ.
But as we prepare to fly to Disney World next wednesday, I'm so thankful that we are moving through quickly and this all happened before we left!

Being sick with kids is awful. Having sick kids is awful. Praying for health for all in this new year!

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