Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Finishing the Whole 30

We did it! Actually we finished a week ago, but our house completed it! Whew.

If I told you I knew we would finish it, I would be a huge liar. I thought we'd do it for a week, maybe two and then fold and order a pizza.

It wasn't easy by any means, but there also wasn't one time where I thought, "oh, well I could just cheat." It just wasn't an option.

Things that happened? We lost some lbs. I didn't feel like taking a nap in the afternoons. My energy was even; while I wouldn't say my energy was abounding, it was a very even and sustained energy. I got a lot of stuff done.

I never felt like I lost that "bloaty" feeling, but that may have been what we were choosing to eat on the plan.

Either way I'm taking away a new appreciation for food, and hopefully a new lifestyle. I'm leaning toward paleo most of the time (I really missed natural sugars), knowing that my job often makes me eat out and that I would really like to enjoy a sugary sweet starbucks drink every now and then (hi, have you tried the new toasted graham latte? yum.)

I did, however, go semi-crazy since we ended. Luke left me and the girls on day 32 for FIVE days...remember I said how I was an emotional eater? yeah. This weekend was a bit high stress. But I haven't gained any weight back so Its just a matter of jumping back on.

Ella's teacher gave her a reward for something she did, and it included a free happy meal. So last night we decided to let her honor that prize (it needed to be use by today.). So for $3.88 I admit to feeding my kids happy meals (I haven't eaten McDonalds in 4 years). Now I could count the number of times that they have had McDonald's in their short lives on two hands.
I was SO proud when they each ate a chicken nugget or two, ate all of their apple slices and then got up from the table because they didn't want anymore.

My heart soared when they then asked if they could have fresh mango or a banana. Because this food stuff? It's kind of hard work...What a reward to know that they don't want the chemicals and the crap even when thats what they get as a "reward" (don't get me started on that part...). They're pretty great.

And we're all plotting our next whole30 in a couple of months!

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