Saturday, March 7, 2015

a weekend alone.

How? HOW has it been so long since I visited this space?

So much has happened. In only 2 short months we will have lived in Delaware for a whole year. After TONS of hoops to jump through we bought a house (!!) about 4 months ago. Now I spend my evenings wandering my halls dreaming up what my house will look like when I find the time and money to paint and decorate more. For now I look at the boring builders white and am just happy to be in our own space and settling in for a bunch of years in one spot.

Work is amazing, I am continually overwhelmed with the love my congregation has shown me so far. We're still very obviously in the honeymoon period, but it is one million times better than internship, and for that I thank God each and every day.

And now this weekend. This weekend Luke and the kiddos are in PA for a family party, and I am here. Alone. Gloriously alone. For the first time in who knows how long. And so I just sit in the quiet. (ok, I worked most of today) but It is quiet when I'm here.
Oh! And I got a full nights sleep.

A whole night.

No interruptions.

I love my kids more than anything, but this introvert soul sometimes longs for a few days alone. And I'm soaking it in at the almost-half-way-point of lent.

Its been a crazy season, but slowing down every once in a while is so refreshing. Here's to a couple more hours of silence before my crazy chaos thankfully comes home.

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