Thursday, June 12, 2014

transitions and sunrises.

It feels like so many times in the past couple of years I have written in this small space of the internet about transitions in my life..and quite frankly SO many have happened!

multiple moves, welcoming babies, lay offs, new jobs, new classes, semester endings, degrees completed.

It really has been quite the whirlwind.

And now here we are. May was perhaps the most stressful month of my life, both in hard and exciting ways!

Now it is over. I have graduated, I have been called, I have been ordained.

And here I sit on a Thursday afternoon in my parents living room where we are currently residing. Blue pool water out the window beside me. Kiddos napping upstairs. And while we have a constant buzzing of finding housing in the background, there is finally room to breathe.

I have until July 1 to spend time with my family before the craziness starts back up of learning through trial by fire about how to lead a congregation.

For now, it is important to spend time with my girls. Walk the boardwalk on a Thursday morning (which we did today), go to the beach whenever we want before the crowds roll in, get to know this new landscape of our lives.

While there of course is stress of everyday life, this transition has been the most FUN of the past couple of years.

All transitions are hard, even the good ones.

So we continue to explain to the littles that we're not going to Nan and Pops for dinner. No we are not going back to our own house. No you will get your own toys and beds back some day. And then we load them in the car to see the ocean 10 minutes away and they calm down.

we all do really.

We're taking this transition slow. Knowing there is always some pain from letting things go, but also seeing such a bright and exciting future.

And so we live by the pool. Talk about our hopes for our own home. And take it all one sunrise at a time.

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