Monday, March 10, 2014

Lenten Fasting.

I recently read the book Seven by Jen Hatmaker (and blogged about it Here). It challenged me in ways I haven't felt before-and just happened to be right before Lent.

So I decided to take on some of these challenges as part of my lenten disciplines, as well as set up a related project in my congregation named, "Giving up our extra so others can have enough"

I have committed to only wearing 20 items of clothing for Lent.

I have committed to taking time to reduce stress each and everyday through personal devotions, extended prayer time and exercising 6x/week.

I have committed to only spending at seven places throughout Lent in order to give away the money that I threw away at restaurants and shops on things I don't need.

Lastly, I have committed to giving away at least 1/3 of my possessions (and knowing I'm going to pack up and move in 2 months means that I hope to give away even more).

So far I have actually enjoyed not having to pick out my clothes (I closed my closet and have the items I can wear in a pile to pick from), I did have to spend outside of the seven but it was planned ahead based on needs we had and won't have to happen again.

The extended time of prayer has centered me, the devotions have made me think. The time in the gym is something that I'm starting to truly crave to calm myself and have some time out of the house.

I can't wait to see how I'm changed, how I can see God working in my life, through this time of lent.

What are you doing to be more intentional these next couple of weeks?

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