Saturday, March 29, 2014

Just my 11 cents

Sleeping has not come easy in our house lately, mainly the middle. For example, each night for the past month we put them down between 6:30 and 7 because that seems to be the magic time for most of them.

But if the middle has napped at all that day, she usually stays up playing (or coming up and down the steps, or waking the other 2 up...) until 9:30 or 10. Often we find that she has taken the kindle from our room into her bed and proceeds to watch the little mermaid or Bubble Guppies until we come up to bed or see it on the monitor.

little sneak.

So 9:00 pm on Wednesday night.

She had a big day Wednesday going to the doc and finding out she had a double ear infection, a strange belly rash, red throat and pnuemonia. All while taking antibiotics for a sinus infection the week before. So stronger meds it was.

I figured it would be a good sleep night, but at 9:02 on Wednesday night we hear her thump thump thumping down the stairs while crying a sad cry.

Luke met her at the bottom of the steps.

*whimpering* "I'm sooorryyy.*sniff*..I swallowed the money..*whimper, sniff*..and I know we need it to buy things..*lip quiver*.."

While Luke and I tried to contain our giggles at what she just said, I gave her some water. Then as Luke took her back up to bed, I figured I should call my mom to find out what to do (a usual go to. but I also just had to share the story with someone). She suggested I put in a call with the on call Dr. just to make sure.

And here's the thing. I HATE calling the after hours number. You know that Doctor doesn't really want to talk to over protective parents. And if its not bad enough to go to the ER, can't it just wait until morning? I always feel like a crazy parent waiting for whoever is on call to pick up.

Luckily this night is was my favorite Doc at the practice, and he was very nice. And to further cement this opinion I have of him, he felt really bad breaking it to me that she should really head to the ER to get xrays and make sure the coins got all the way to the stomach, not stuck in her little esophagus. 

It was my turn for middle of the night trips (ugh. even the fact that we have turns because it happens often enough) so off we went.

When we got there Sophie charmed the nurses and doctors as usual. They didn't even seem surprised that she had done this..I guess it happens often enough.

She told me that Annabelle who was sitting on her bed jumped off, the money was near her mouth and it "popped right in an I just swallowed it down."

just popped right in, eh kid?

I texted Uncle Matt, who lives across the street from the ER, when we got there. He even came over an kept us company so it was nice to catch up.

She got xrays. The Nurse said, "Hey, I remember you" from her 3 am bit of croup last month. And all hospital personnel took to calling her the piggie bank.

We were home within 2 and half hours, which may be a record. And she fell right to sleep even after the lollypop that the pa insisted she eat at 10:45 at night without asking her mama.

For these past couple of days I have now had the lovely (and stinky..) task of poking around her poo trying to make sure that both coins come out. We are watching carefully for signs of obstruction, and that would make the whole ordeal much worse. But so far it has been just another milestone of parenting.

We found the dime. Still waiting on the penny.

And now we are officially 11 cents poorer.

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