Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Coffee Date.

Its been a while. Lets have a coffee date. My Place?

If you came over for coffee, I'd invite you in to my new-to-us old farmhouse.
I'd tell you how much I love the colors that were picked out for the walls, how I love the old wood floors and how we are quickly learning where the "squeaks" are.

I'd also tell you about how I'm terrified about the inevidable rodents that will run inside at the first feel of cold. How much they freak me out, and how, while I love the character old houses have, someday I want a brand new house. Mouse free.
But for now I'm enjoying our home built over 130 years ago...mice and all.

I'd tell you, over our steaming mugs of delishious caffeine about how much I am loving internship. The freedom to read what I like (for the most part), the invigorating feel of being in "real life" ministry. The amazing people I've met. 

I could even tell you about the woman on hospice, youngest of 17 children and has a twin sister.
About how her faith shines through her pain, and even though she has lost her hair from chemo treatments, she is still one of the most beautiful women I've ever met.

I could tell you about my conversation that really brought things into perspective yesterday with a woman whose cancer-ridden daughter will die in the next two weeks.
But she says, "why do we have faith if we can't lean on it."

Then I'd refill your mug.

And I could tell you all about how the little ones are growing.
How I am starting to catch glimpses into their sister-friend relationship.
How one minute one is instigating the other, and they are bff's in the next breath.
I could tell you how much fun it is to see them grow with one another.

I could also tell you countless stories of Shy Ella wanting the comfort of her outgoing little sis, Phie.
"Ella, someday you'll get on that yellow school bus and go to school!"
"Phie go with me? I'll go if Phie goes too."

We could also talk about how excited I am for my oldest sister to tie the knot on Friday.
Big beautiful, lavish New York wedding.
Seeing my family, all together, all happy.
I am beyond excited.

but enough about me. 
How are you?

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