Thursday, May 3, 2012


We are moving in late july.
To a new house.
more room.
surrounded by green space for little feet to run.
and old farm house.

(with a summer house. how fancy)

steep, narrow stairs, big kitchen. 
Pretty beautiful.

for now we will settle in to spend our summer in the townhouse.
soaking up the last bit of seminary community living.


and trying to grow a small vegetable garden in pots until we can plant them in the ground at the new house.

and so a couple of days ago we made mini green houses.

and this little girl has quite the interest in dirt, and her thumb is definitely green.

we water them together every day.

she wakes up and runs down to see how they are doing.

they have been growing fast, and have since been repotted into fun pots on the windowsill.

watching her watching them grow is beautiful.

                      and hopefully our tomatoes, squash, and peppers will grow beautifully as well...

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