Thursday, April 12, 2012

struggling and laughing

I'm pretty sure that every semester I have a post like this.

A post about the overwhelming amount of stress and school work that I have.

a post about how sick these two littles are and it happens at the worst times
(although, is there ever a "good" time to have two sick kids?)

Well we've hit this part of the semester this week.

lots of runny noses.
lots of barfing.
lots of coughing.
lots of not sleeping.
lots of papers.
lots of hours spent in the library after the are in bed.

and in 2.5 weeks it will all be over for better or for worse.

and then we can enjoy our time together, our time with picnics and lazy summer evenings.

I started this blog to think about, write about, make sure to stop and remember the every day things.

the normal moments that are not always caught on film.

I've not been very good at this lately and so I've been trying to make a conscious effort to record the everyday.

These moments are going WAY too fast.


This little girl has a snarky little personality now, and she makes me laugh on an hourly basis.

And I can't wait to spend everyday with her in less than a month.

Until then I keep my head about the water, laugh at my littles, nurse them back to health and enjoy each moment we have.

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