Sunday, October 16, 2011


I've been working on it.


being fully there.

fully in the moment.

I still look at facebook.

maybe more than I should.

But the last few days have been different.

I went running three times.

{it has been over 20 months since I ran two steps}

I loved
    and cuddled
         and sang
             and loved my kids more.

we were silly.

we crawled.

we snuggled up watching disney movies.

and I was present for it all.

"social networking" is simply a part of my life now. and I'm not ready able willing to get rid of it at the moment..

but I am ready to tone it back a little.

and even for a few hours a day be there. with my kids. or my school work. or my husband.

completely unplugged.

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