Thursday, October 6, 2011

On finishing.

I'm SO good at starting stuff.

I find new craft projects on a daily basis and dream about how I'm going to use it. Sell it. or give it away.

It's the finishing part that I'm not the greatest at.

however, lately I've been really good at it!
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I've been a finishing fool.

Maybe it is picking smaller more attainable projects.

but the quilt has been cut and ready to piece since last January.

And now it's done and warming the girl every night.

My life right now has so many open ends. 

There is anxiety for internship, for after graduation, even for finishing my reading for tomorrow.

Finishing small things I starts relieves some of that stress and tension. 

This sweater is for a sweet little niece and has been a summer project. 

Just 6 more rows on one sleeve and adding buttons and this early christmas present is ready to be worn by a little 18 month old. I can't wait.

But there are always projects to be started. 

and finished.

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