Wednesday, September 7, 2011

And so starts year 3...

Classes start today.

Year three of my grad school career.

Full time student. full time stay at home mom.

Quite the juggling act.

I am now officially treading water until December.

So we say sianara to summer...

It was a good one.

and now onto reading...

and papers.

and milestones.

and nap fights.

and theology.

and fisher's net.

and solid foods.

The past couple of days have been gloomy our small corner of the world.

Makes it easier to ease back into the classroom.

But makes me miss this scene all the more.

But as we look ahead to cozy sweaters and boots. Changing leaves. Apple desserts. Football games. and crisp breezes, I think I'm ready.

I'm starting to feel excited to buy mums for the front porch, and stuff myself with apples and caramel dip; spend my Saturday afternoons cheering "we are" for my alma mater.

Yeah. the beach sounds nice. But starting the slow process of winter hibernation sounds great too.

Bring it on year 3.

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